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  • Live Hopeful and Hope-filled

  •  Be the generation that ends the silence, shame, and stigma of mental health

  • Be agents of Hope



Each Day for 21 Days (Daily):

  1. Inhale and say, “I breathe in Hope”, Exhale and say “I breathe out Hope”

  2. Post on Social Media - I am Hopeful and Hope-Filled


  • Hope causes you to see your way out, through and over.

  • Belief is hope on steroids. 

  • Hope says it may not be happening now, but it will happen, and I will wait, until there is a way out. 

  • When darkness is at its darkest, hope releases light to shine the brightest.

  • Hope will cause you to discover gifts and skills you did not know you had.

  • Hope over Fear guided by the Facts.

  • Hope is not ignoring the truth. Hope gives you the legs to walk through whatever the truth might be.

  • Hope precedes Faith.

  • Hope waters the seed of faith, planted in a field of doubt. 

  • Hope is helping me to “Kick Some ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)”.

  • As clinicians assisting with medication management, we may suggest medicine or therapy or a combination of both. Medicine takes about 4-6 weeks to work. Hope can take effect immediately.

"Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest"(Latin) - "The Brave May Fall But Never Yield."

Image by Ron Smith
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